Why Healthcare SEO is important for doctors?

We know that nowadays people consume content on the internet is way high when compared to the past years. Every year the rate of consuming content over internet has been drastically improving. People research all kinds of products and services on the internet. With that being said, people research on the hospitals nearby them and schedule their appointments. This is the reason why SEO for Doctors industry is playing a vital role in Digital Marketing. In the recent study, Google partnered with Compete, Inc. and found some amazing highlights in regards to the hospitals. 44% of patients book their appointments / schedule appointments when surfing the internet for hospitals on their mobile devices.

This gives a clear hint that Digital Marketing has a great scope when looking at the healthcare industry. With that being said, many hospitals and clinics don’t have a great responsive website and SEO friendly website and cannot be able to Schedule their patients’ online appointments. In order to influence your patients and digitize them through scheduling their appointments online you need to have a Responsive Website (Online presence on all devices), Search Engine Optimization (To rank higher in Google SERPs), Social Media Marketing (Engaging with your patients and keep updating about your hospitals) and Content Writing on the website (Unique content targeting your patients makes you to stay ahead of your competition).


Responsive Website Design

Having a responsive website makes to fit your website across all the screens and devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This makes easier for your patients to engage across all the screen sizes at their comfort level with your website and can easily schedule appointments with your doctors. This is the reason why you should consider medical website design and development is a part your digital marketing strategies.


SEO has various terminologies such as Search Engine Optimization, organic listings, organic search, natural listings, free rankings, and free listings; they all are same considered to be same. SEO helps you to rank higher in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) by optimizing it to the humans and to the screen readers / robots / spiders / crawlers. The SEO strategies that can be implemented on your healthcare website are mainly On-page and Off-page optimization techniques. These techniques will help you in achieving healthy rankings in Google (It means, for example, if your patients type in “hospitals nearby me”, you would be shown on the first page of the Google.)


Unique content marketing strategy, brands your website and to stay ahead of your competition also your website look so unique to your website visitors and to the search spiders. In fact, search engines loves to see the unique content on the websites.


The final conclusion is that hospitals might have to consider developing a responsive website with full SEO Optimized for healthcare relevant and unique content writing to stay away from the competition.