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kezaraj-blog is a website with articles that helps everyone to know more about SEO, SEM, SMO and other digital marketing news, trends, best practices and useful information. The articles on this website are written by researching deeply with great insights that really provides the information and the proven results. You can learn new stuff from this website on a day to day basis.

Mostly, the topics on this website are categorized on SEO, PPC and SMO and Misc. (Miscellaneous – Topics that are useful and informational which doesn’t come under SEO, PPC, and SMO.). The main idea behind this creation of Kezaraj blog is to share something I learn and implement on my day to day Digital Marketing work.

I learn things on SEO, PPC and SMO and other digital marketing updates, trends from many top sources like Google Webmaster Tools (Now Search Console), YouTube,, and others. Whatever, I learn from these sources, I try to implement and experiment on my Client websites, my websites and on my blog. If they get succeeded or got a failure I just note down the important things and try to create a blog post on them to share my experience with the new digital marketing initiatives.

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I post all these blog posts on different channels like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups to get more traffic to my website and social shares. The social shares are really important for any blog post to be successful. So make sure when you write the blog post you have to do content marketing on various channels. Promote your content as possible as you can. It means post your blog post on different Social Media Channels, Social Bookmarking Channels, Article Submission sites, and other sources. This way, you can earn more traffic to your site and earn more social shares if your content has real value. The more you get the social shares the more the trust your content will earn and has a higher chance to show up in the Search Engines Result pages.

As Google defined that Social Sharing is one of the important ranking factors in terms of Google Algorithm. So make sure you are going to get more social shares for your blog post and also more comments to make the visitor engaging with your content. Comments are helpful for the new visitors to trust you, as comments give more information to the new visitors to learn more about your content.

So when writing the blog post you have to make sure to research on the article which you are going to write and explain an in-depth article about the topic. The main advantage of having an in-depth article is it has more chances to rank higher in the Search Engines result pages and outrank your competition easily. This way you can earn more traffic to your website and stay on top of the results for a variety of keywords.