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kezaraj-blog is a website with articles that helps everyone to know more about SEO, SEM, SMO and other digital marketing news, trends, best practices and useful information. The articles on this website are written by researching deeply with great insights that really provides the information and the proven results. You can learn new stuff from this website on a day to day basis.

Mostly, the topics on this website are categorized on SEO, PPC and SMO and Misc. (Miscellaneous – Topics that are useful and informational which doesn’t come under SEO, PPC, and SMO.). The main idea behind this creation of Kezaraj blog is to share something I learn and implement on my day to day Digital Marketing work.

I learn things on SEO, PPC and SMO and other digital marketing updates, trends from many top sources like Google Webmaster Tools (Now Search Console), YouTube,, and others. Whatever, I learn from these sources, I try to implement and experiment on my Client websites, my websites and on my blog. If they get succeeded or got a failure I just note down the important things and try to create a blog post on them to share my experience with the new digital marketing initiatives.

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I post all these blog posts on different channels like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups to get more traffic to my website and social shares. The social shares are really important for any blog post to be successful. So make sure when you write the blog post you have to do content marketing on various channels. Promote your content as possible as you can. It means post your blog post on different Social Media Channels, Social Bookmarking Channels, Article Submission sites, and other sources. This way, you can earn more traffic to your site and earn more social shares if your content has real value. The more you get the social shares the more the trust your content will earn and has a higher chance to show up in the Search Engines Result pages.

As Google defined that Social Sharing is one of the important ranking factors in terms of Google Algorithm. So make sure you are going to get more social shares for your blog post and also more comments to make the visitor engaging with your content. Comments are helpful for the new visitors to trust you, as comments give more information to the new visitors to learn more about your content.

So when writing the blog post you have to make sure to research on the article which you are going to write and explain an in-depth article about the topic. The main advantage of having an in-depth article is it has more chances to rank higher in the Search Engines result pages and outrank your competition easily. This way you can earn more traffic to your website and stay on top of the results for a variety of keywords.

Why Healthcare SEO is important for doctors?

We know that nowadays people consume content on the internet is way high when compared to the past years. Every year the rate of consuming content over internet has been drastically improving. People research all kinds of products and services on the internet. With that being said, people research on the hospitals nearby them and schedule their appointments. This is the reason why SEO for Doctors industry is playing a vital role in Digital Marketing. In the recent study, Google partnered with Compete, Inc. and found some amazing highlights in regards to the hospitals. 44% of patients book their appointments / schedule appointments when surfing the internet for hospitals on their mobile devices.

This gives a clear hint that Digital Marketing has a great scope when looking at the healthcare industry. With that being said, many hospitals and clinics don’t have a great responsive website and SEO friendly website and cannot be able to Schedule their patients’ online appointments. In order to influence your patients and digitize them through scheduling their appointments online you need to have a Responsive Website (Online presence on all devices), Search Engine Optimization (To rank higher in Google SERPs), Social Media Marketing (Engaging with your patients and keep updating about your hospitals) and Content Writing on the website (Unique content targeting your patients makes you to stay ahead of your competition).


Responsive Website Design

Having a responsive website makes to fit your website across all the screens and devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This makes easier for your patients to engage across all the screen sizes at their comfort level with your website and can easily schedule appointments with your doctors. This is the reason why you should consider medical website design and development is a part your digital marketing strategies.


SEO has various terminologies such as Search Engine Optimization, organic listings, organic search, natural listings, free rankings, and free listings; they all are same considered to be same. SEO helps you to rank higher in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) by optimizing it to the humans and to the screen readers / robots / spiders / crawlers. The SEO strategies that can be implemented on your healthcare website are mainly On-page and Off-page optimization techniques. These techniques will help you in achieving healthy rankings in Google (It means, for example, if your patients type in “hospitals nearby me”, you would be shown on the first page of the Google.)


Unique content marketing strategy, brands your website and to stay ahead of your competition also your website look so unique to your website visitors and to the search spiders. In fact, search engines loves to see the unique content on the websites.


The final conclusion is that hospitals might have to consider developing a responsive website with full SEO Optimized for healthcare relevant and unique content writing to stay away from the competition.

Modular Kitchen Bangalore

Modular Kitchen Bangalore

Modular Kitchens are very popular these days unlike the olden days. In Olden days, people used to make the custom cabinets where they measure the kitchen room and bring the wood to the spot, cut it as per the shapes required and built the kitchen which is lengthy process and quite expensive too.

Now-a-days no one is making the custom kitchen rooms. Instead they are buying the modular kitchen cabinets which are easy to install and make your kitchen room much more interesting to your guests. That is the reason why, when you type “modular kitchen manufacturers Bangalore” in Google search engine, you see a high search volume and a huge competition among the advertisers.

When any guest comes to your home, they will get much more excited to make the same sort of kitchen for their homes. These modular kitchen cabinets jp nagar are in the trend now. Most the house buyers who are looking to make their kitchen more unique they go for these modular kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are very flexible and they are very easy to install. These kitchen cabinets are available in two types. They are Upper Units and Lower Units. The upper units and the lower units are premade units. It means they can be installed easily.

Modular kitchen can be installed in many ways as per the size of the kitchen room. There are varieties of kitchen such as:

  • L Shaped Modular Kitchen (Which is very popular among the other kitchen)
  • U Shaped Modular Kitchen
  • Straight Modular Kitchen
  • Parallel Modular Kitchen

L Shaped Modular Kitchen: L shaped modular kitchen is most popular kitchen and most of the house buyers plan to install this L shaped modular kitchen. To design L Shaped kitchen it needs the support of two walls. At one end of the kitchen sink will be coming and towards the other end Fridge can be placed also, perpendicular to that in the middle chimney can be placed which looks nicer, cleaner and beautiful kitchen.

U Shaped Modular Kitchen: In order to design the U shaped modular kitchen you need to have big kitchen room. Mostly, these types of kitchen are done if they have 3BHK flat. Why because, they have a bigger rooms and a very spacious hall and kitchen room. If the kitchen room is very spacious then the U shaped modular kitchen fits very nicely and have a complete awesome look. So I would recommend you to design this kitchen if you a have big kitchen room.

Straight Modular Kitchen: Straight Modular kitchen can be designed only one wall support. These types of kitchen can be designed for the small kitchen rooms. It will look very nice even if you have 1BHK flat. Also it is very cheaper to design this modular kitchen.

Parallel Modular Kitchen: Parallel Modular Kitchen looks exactly opposite to each other. Again if you would like to design these types of kitchen then you need to have spacious rooms where this kitchen looks very nice and beautiful.

Magento Development Services

Magento Logo

Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology which provides retail advertisers to produce a flexible shopping experience to the customers.

Magento technology is used only for the ecommerce with many features and easy to install. Magento Development Services offers a wide variety of ecommerce services that makes your website look responsive, easy to navigate and loads very faster.

Magento has many built in features that can be integrated on your website easily such as Search engine optimization, Installing Google Analytics, Integrating your webmaster tools account and payment gateway for easy online transactions.

You can track your date to date transactions easily in the Magento platform. There is a separate tab where you can see all the transactions under one roof which can you give more analytics about your sales data.

Using Magento you can create a very large and complex website easily by hiring Magento Development Company. They can easily configure your website with many other extensions that are available in the market. The Development Company have expertise to know which extension does your suit your website requirement and they can install it for you and make your website look nicer, cleaner, complex code free and responsive. This is best advantage if your hire a magento development company. They have all sorts of resources who can guide you with all the features and benefits using Magento.

Look out for a Magento Development Company especially in India. You can outsource your Magento Project very cheaply in India, as the hourly rate would be in between $15.00 – $20.00 per hour. Despite of hiring Magento Development Company in India you can find them an even certified developer which is a great advantage for you and for your website. As they can develop your website in a simple manner and they can guide you with more updated versions of Magento.
Moving forward, you need help from the certified Magento Developers to upgrade your Magento Version otherwise your website might be attacked by spammers. So keep updated your Magento website very frequently as per the updates available in the market. If you upgrade you have lot of advantages and the Magento Extensions can be installed very easily on to your website without any hassles.

There are many other ecommerce platforms which are available in the market but they are not as good as Magento. Magento can handle a very large websites easily and can create your products and categories in a simplified manner unlike the other platforms. In other platforms you don’t find these flexibilities and are very hard to understand the interface. Sometimes, you might have to hard code the website which is very annoying and not the right solution for you website. We should never ever choose the hard coded website as when you upgrade your website all the hard coded coding will mess up and you face hell lot of problems with your website.